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Jan 20, 2019

While Jordan is in jail, the Guardians run a mission and get some help from mysterious visitors. Willa Savage defends Jordan in court, with some... surprising results.


JV Hampton-VanSant
Amanda Jacobson
David Ault
Elie Hirshman
Skyler Perring
Christine Osimo
Kate Sanchez
Lucy Fitzgerald
Brittany Nicholson
Chad Ellis
Chelsea Cox
Jack Pevyhouse
Jake Del Rio
James Oliva
Jessa Nicholson-Getz
Kelsey Koldys
Nick Ganzner
Andrew Giotta
Dylan Mobley


Special thanks to DJ Stranger Danger for letting us use "Danger Digi Doo" in scene 2. Thanks to David Rhinestrom for introducing the song to us.

Episode Song: Prisoner by The Pretty Reckless

Art By: JV Hampton-VanSant
Music By: Nico Vettese
Transcripts Available On Website